Tatiana is a gifted woman who developed her abilities for drawing and painting since youth. Born in Mexicali, the region of Mexico which borders California where she learned the bases of drawing from her parents, who were schoolteachers and capable sketchers and colorists. She left her house as a teenager to study a formal career in the UNAM (the most prestigious University in Mexico) and simultaneously, as a hobby, she assisted frequently to the Sa Carlos Academy where some of Mexico’s most important painters, like Orozco, Siqueiros, Rivera Cuevas studied and are recognized worldwide today.

               After 7 years in Mexico city, she got her Masters degree in Public Health and Administration, which allowed her to become a consultant for the highest level health institution in Mexico City, the Secretary of Health. Trough her work she traveled all over Mexico, Center and South America, the United States and Europe. A few years later she got married and moved to Guadalajara, a city saturated with art. There, she started to teach Public Health un the University of Guadalajara at the same time she attended the School of Art of Jalisco where she took drawing and painting classes for the next three years with teachers like Carcalla, Matta and Lara Gallardo.

She participated in several art exhibitions, selling art since her first showing, but soon began to learn for herself the most complex painting discipline: Portraiture. Because in México, a cradle of great painters, for any artist who wishes to dominate Portraiture requires great personal effort and discipline besides observation and natural ability. Her formal training in anatomy helped her better comprehend the volumes, composition and perspective of the human face and figure. In those years, she started painting only portrait in diverse techniques and dimensions, accepting small commission. Tree years later, in 1981, she received her first important commission from a law firm, a series of 7 oil portraits.

In 1989, she moved back with her family to Baja California and settled her address and art studio in Rosarito, a small touristic town 15 miles south of the Tijuana Border. There she started he contact with American artists, participating in several exhibitions with the Valle Imperial Association and with the Cacus Women Association in San Diego, with themes like Charreria, Westerns and Figures, since the art scene in Baja California has low diffusion and even less Buyers.

Since 1992 she initiated contact with important U.S. artist with whom she started taking workshops. She attended conventions as an observer and later as a member of associations specialized in portrait. In summer of 1999 The Historical Society of San Diego displayed 20 oil portraits from her historical collection entitled “The Ethnic Groups of Baja California”, based on photographs taken from 1868 to 1997 and created between 1994 and 1998 after years of researching the cultural roots of Baja California. While she painted for Foreign and Mexican clients and promoted her collection with other California museums, she painted a second series which she called “The Modern Californians” which included oil and watercolor portraits of several important personalities en Tijuana and Rosarito. The Series was sold in its entirety in 2004.

Mrs. Tatiana has been recognized as an artist of great quality who has participated in several events in the United States. She also paints by commission Bullfighting scenes, Westerns, Native figures and equine art. In 2004 she declined offers to teach in the School of Arts of the Baja California Autonomous University due to her absorbing activity. She is currently a member of American Portrait Artist and the Portrait Institute.