About Tatiana

A member of American Portrait Artist and the Portrait Institute

Portrait of Alvaro
Oil on canvas 20 x 30 in. or 51 x 76 cm

Tatiana V. Favella was born on the US/Mexico border. At 17 she traveled to Mexico City and six years later earned her degree in Veterinary Medicine at UNAM and a Master’s degree in Public Health. At the same time, she was attending art seminars at San Carlos Art School. She left her professional career in 1976 and started painting portraits professionally in 1981. Tatiana returned to Baja California in 1981 with her husband and children where they built their house on the coast of Rosarito.

Tatiana participates in exhibitions with painting groups from Tijuana, rosarito, adn other Baja cities. she has had a relationship with groups of American painters since 1990, particulary portrait artists and her page within newyorkart.com is her most important website today. Tatiana has created diverse collections of oil and watercolor portraits; the most important being a historical and anthropological collection exhibited in museums un California since 1999. Other works include a series of VIP people’s portraits sold in 2005, as well as a great number of equine, figurative, still life, realist and surealist (artavita.com) works. Tatiana has been The Art Power Foundation’s Pesident since 2012 (elpoderdelarte.org).

The Pintos Runaway
Oil on canvas 20 x 28 in. or 51 x 71 cm

Youth Portrait of roy
Oil on canvas 16 x 20 in. or 41 x 51 cm