Procedure & fees for portraits

Each portrait begins with a meeting so that the artist can begin to understand the subjects to paint. A casual arrangement such as meeting for coffee helps me to understand the nature of the people involved, their personalities and mannerisms. It is trough this process that I can begin to think about sitting and composition. In the first meeting we can discuss your goals for the image, and important impressions you’d like to convey. Casual snapshots will be taken at this time if the client agrees with the general conditions. A 30{a123042f102cdf896390a2014832b067d4848fa30afb225cb7eaf3234aaf3793}  non refundable deposit is due at the time of the contract signing. In the case of posthumous portraits, I will work with the client using whatever photo references are available to produce the best painting quality possible.

After the first meeting, I’ll use my notes and snapshots to create characteristic studies and compositions where in the impressions gained of your personality are interpreted. Several sketches of potential compositions will be produced from this effort for your consideration; usually the sketches can be sent by email and discussed by phone, though a face to face is preferable. Based in the sketches, you will select the composition, and a sitting appointment will be made, and there we will attempt to recreate the composition sketches in life trying to get the overall composition in tone and color of the project.

It’s possible that I will take other snapshots because their use is invaluable, since most people today do not have time or patience to sit for the 5 or more sessions of 3 hours it takes to complete the work. Your portrait will be painted using archival museum-quality oil paint, mediums an varnishes that will last perhaps hundreds of years with little maintenance, and became a treasured family, or administrations heirloom.


Head and shoulders


Head and shoulders


Half-length w/hands


¾ length



Propriate size

Different techniques have different costs. Please contact us for a free estimate. All travel, lodging, meals, framing, shipping expenses are in addition to cost of the work. Will take at least a month to paint your completed portrait.

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